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Diablo 3 PTR 2.6.1 Demon Hunter – Unhallowed

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Right here we’re once more. this a Chilly model i run on Torments so i can use Cull the Weak and likewise a Bane of the Trapped Gem, on stay server even a completely Anceint set of this with about 1k Paragon would solely Clear T11 possibly T12 in three minutes or much less. wit the Present modifications on the PTR i can smash by way of a Torment 13 rift in three minutes with solely 200 factors of Paragons used throughout all four Paragon Tabs and fully Non Historical gear different then Belt/Bracer/Ammy sure they’re Primals however i lowered my Dex to 8K which is had been you’ll be at at begin of a season along with your Full set and 200 Paragons. and this factor blasts by way of Torment 13 so benefit from the Video depart a remark and if ya Prefer it give its a Like. see you all subsequent time peace.

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